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Texas Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers

Auto Accidents, Truck Accidents Including 18-Wheeler & Other Vehicle Accidents in Texas and Nationwide

People of all ages are at risk for motor vehicle accidents. In 2007, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) reported that motor vehicle accidents were the major cause of unintentional death in the United States. The CDC’s 2010 Statistical Abstract indicates that motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for U.S. teens, causing more than one in three deaths in this age group, with 16 to 19 teenagers dying every day in 2009. Motor vehicle accidents often occur as a result of another person’s negligence, and a motor vehicle accident lawyer at Bush Lewis, PLLC can protect your rights in a car accident, 18-wheeler truck accident, or other type of vehicle accident case.

Common types of motor vehicle accident cases our firm handles include:

Auto Accidents

More claims are filed for auto accidents than any other type of personal injury claim. To receive the compensation you need to cover expenses incurred by a serious auto accident, you usually need legal help. This is because many insurance companies are more interested in increasing their bottom lines than paying claims. Insurance company practices for dealing with claims may result in unfairly denied claims and very low payouts that are inadequate to cover medical expenses, lost wages, and future lost income based on disability.

By discussing your accident with an experienced auto accident lawyer, you get an idea of how you can be compensated when liable parties such as a negligent driver or defective vehicle manufacturer were the underlying cause of your accident. You can receive a professional opinion about whether the insurance company is making a fair offer or is trying to settle before you reach maximum medical improvement—a tactic used to pay less compensation. More about auto accidents>>

Truck Accidents

The trucking industry has legal teams and access to private investigators, engineers, and other professionals that mount effective defenses when claims arise that allege their liability. An average person is no match for the tactics trucking companies use in defending against a claim, not to mention the complexity of a highly regulated industry with statutes, operating procedures, and technical issues that require knowledge to understand and a particular skill set to litigate.

Injuries sustained when a passenger car collides with an 18-wheeler, semi or big rig are usually serious or fatal. Consulting an experienced truck accident lawyer provides the opportunity to understand the severity of your injuries and the amount of compensation you are entitled by law to receive. More about truck accidents>>

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists are in more danger on the road than any other type of motorist. Yet, often their involvement in accidents is through no fault of their own. Injuries sustained in motorcycle accidents are typically serious because the bike offers little protection in a collision with other larger vehicles. If your motorcycle accident incurs serious injuries and medical costs exceed the limits of the responsible party’s insurance, a skilled motorcycle accident lawyer can often help with identifying other sources of compensation. More about motorcycle accidents>>

Bus Accidents

While comparatively rare compared to other motor vehicle accidents, you read about school buses that veer off bridges, and privately chartered buses skidding off highways and killing church members. Although it is not heavily regulated like the trucking industry, the bus industry does require operators to be license approved by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. More about bus accidents>>

Why You Need an Experienced Auto Accident Lawyer

Knowledge of traffic laws, underlying causes of accidents, and technical details specific to the auto, trucking, motorcycle and bus industries is often required for investigation and effective presentation of evidence in accident claims. Estimating amounts for damages, understanding insurance policies and knowing when to settle or take a case to court are other factors that are reasons why you need an experienced auto accident lawyer to handle your case. People who do not use skilled, board certified accident lawyers often do not receive the compensation they deserve or that they are entitled by law to receive. Even worse, the financial burdens caused by serious motor vehicle accidents can lead to future problems paying bills and covering lost income capacity. The experience, integrity and commitment of the Bush Lewis team increase the probability of a fair recovery for motor vehicle accident victims.

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Find out about your prospects for pursuing a successful motor vehicle accident claim or lawsuit. Experienced Texas motor vehicle accident lawyers at Bush Lewis, PLLC consult you and evaluate your case for free. Call Ken Lewis today at 409-835-3521 or email Bush Lewis, PLLC. Our firm proudly serves clients nationwide involved in serious truck accidents. We also handle motor vehicle accidents in Beaumont, Orange and Port Arthur, in addition to handling cases in Jefferson, Orange, Hardin, Newton and Jasper counties and the Eastern District of Texas Divisions of Marshall, Tyler and Lufkin, Texas.

Know This Before An Accident

No one plans to have an accident and no one expects to sustain a serious injury or lose a loved one to death from someone else's actions or mistake. It helps to at least have heard what experienced lawyers say you can do to ease the situation. At Bush Lewis, we think there are some helpful guidelines that we recommend to you. Our lawyers suggest: Learn more.