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Auto Accident Lawyers in Beaumont, Texas

Serving Southeast Texas including Orange, Hardin, Newton, and Jasper Counties and cities such as Beaumont, Jasper, Liberty, Lumberton, Port Arthur, Nederland, Groves, Silsbee, Vidor, Orange and Winnie

An auto accident can occur in seconds, devastating your life. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that nearly six million police-reported accidents occur in the United States every year. Of those accidents, an estimated two million people are seriously injured and nearly 40,000 are killed. In 2009, NHTSA reported 3,071 fatal traffic accidents in Texas, the highest number of accidents per capita of any U.S. state. Our auto accident attorneys at the Beaumont office of Bush Lewis, PLLC have over 33 years each of experience assisting people to recover car accident damages caused by other people’s negligence. We represent clients who are seriously injured in auto accidents throughout Southeast Texas and in certain divisions of Eastern Texas—in particular, Henderson, Livingston, Marshall, San Augustine, Tyler, Nacogdoches, Longview and Center.

The Beaumont, Texas area auto accident attorneys at Bush Lewis can help if you have been injured, or have lost a family member to an auto accident.

When Are You Most at Risk for Auto Accidents?

There are many reasons for auto accidents, and most of them are due to driver mistake.

The most common causes of auto accidents include:
  • Driver distraction (cell phone usage, radio, eating or drinking)
  • Driver impairment (driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol)
  • Reckless driving (racing, speeding or road rage)
  • Driver fatigue (falling asleep at the wheel)
Failure to adjust for changes in the driving environment, such as:
  • Road obstructions (animals, debris, or other obstructions in the road)
  • Road conditions (unmarked road hazards, potholes, uneven road surfaces)
  • Weather-related (snow-packed, icy or wet roadways, dense fog, blizzard, or whiteout conditions)

Cell Phone Distractions and Risk for Auto Accidents

Because cell phone use is a relatively new driver distraction, less research data is available about how they cause auto accident causes. However, a study done by the University of Utah provides some interesting insight into potential accident risks from cell phone use.

Researchers used a high-fidelity driving simulator to compare the driving performance of cell phone drivers with legally intoxicated (.08 blood alcohol content) drivers and discovered the following:
  • Cell phone drivers were involved in more rear end collisions than intoxicated drivers.
  • Intoxicated drivers were more aggressive, drove more closely to cars in front of them and were prone to hard braking.
  • Intoxicated drivers caused no auto accidents under simulated conditions, whereas three cell phone driver accidents occurred.

A University of Utah study by Strayer and Drews in 2003 that studied dual tasks of driving and using a cell phone concluded that:
  • In 2003, over 100 million cell phone subscribers were estimated to use cell phones while driving.
  • Hand-held and hands-free cell phones both impaired driving and showed no significant difference in how much they impaired driving during phone conversations (not when manipulating the cell phone).

Cell phone use resulted in:
  • 18 percent slower brake onset times
  • 12 percent greater following distance
  • 17 percent slower speed recovery time after braking
  • Younger drivers were likely to miss traffic signals, stop signs and braking vehicles in front of them, and were slower to respond.
  • Drivers who text messaged were six times more likely to cause an accident during simulation.

The Michigan Transportation Research Institute study estimated:
  • That driver inattention was a factor in 20 to 50 percent of all police reported crashes.
  • That driver distraction occurred in eight to 13 percent of all crashes.

Accidents Caused by Defective Automobiles

Even the most attentive drivers are prone to auto accidents due to defective vehicle parts. Auto parts recalls based on defects are common occurrences, such as:
When vehicle parts malfunction, there can be serious consequences for those people in the vehicle, other vehicles, passengers, bystanders and personal property.

Injuries Caused by Defective Vehicles

Many serious injuries and deaths in motor vehicle accidents are caused by motor vehicle defects known as crashworthiness defects. Motor vehicle manufacturers and modifiers have a duty to manufacture and modify vehicles so that they are not unreasonably dangerous to occupants when a motor vehicle crash occurs. Common crashworthiness defects can cause post-collision fires, seat back failures, seat belt failures, air bag failures, roof crushes, frame and structure failures, intrusion of vehicle structures into occupant spaces, injuries from striking non-forgiving surfaces, ejections through failed doors or windows, and severe cuts from inappropriate glass. The commitment, experience and integrity of the aggressive Bush Lewis trial lawyer team have enabled them to successfully handle numerous crashworthy cases in the past including seat belt, seat back, air bag and fire claims. For more about crashworthiness claims>>

Our auto accident lawyers at Bush Lewis, PLLC are skilled in handling cases that involve products liability on the part of automotive manufacturers. Our access to engineers, traffic accident reconstructionists and other experts allows us to provide effective representation in auto accidents cases that result from defective automobile parts. We try to use our experience and commitment to obtain results that help warn other drivers of potential motor vehicle defects and hazards.

Reasons to Contact an Experienced Auto Accident Attorney

Insurance companies want to resolve auto accidents as quickly as possible, while providing as little compensation for victims as possible—even for those who are so seriously injured they cannot return to work. It is important to have an experienced auto accident attorney on your side so you do not miss out on compensation that you deserve. Compensation may be available to you or your family for:
  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Disfigurement
  • Physical incapacity
  • Loss of economic support

Protect your rights by contacting the experienced board certified personal injury lawyers at Bush Lewis. Devastating injuries, such as amputation, burns, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries and more can ruin lives and livelihoods.

Rely on the Experience of Seasoned Auto Accident Attorneys in Texas The car accident lawyers at Bush Lewis can take appropriate actions, deal with insurance adjusters and prepare your case for trial so that the insurance company knows you are well represented. We work to get you the compensation vital for covering medical treatment and wage loss as quickly as possible.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an auto accident in the Beaumont, Orange, or Port Arthur, Texas areas, please contact the experienced auto accident attorneys at Bush Lewis, for a free consultation.

Know This Before An Accident

No one plans to have an accident and no one expects to sustain a serious injury or lose a loved one to death from someone else's actions or mistake. It helps to at least have heard what experienced lawyers say you can do to ease the situation. At Bush Lewis, we think there are some helpful guidelines that we recommend to you. Our lawyers suggest: Learn more.