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Our Legal Team: Serving clients throughout Southeast Texas, including Orange, Jefferson, Hardin, Chambers, Jasper and Newton from our offices in Beaumont, Texas.  At Bush Lewis, our attorneys focus primarily on personal injury, wrongful death, maritime, probate, and cancer cases. We are trial lawyers dedicated to preserving the right to trial by jury and using the power of the law to its fullest extent to seek compensation for damages and gain relief for the victims of wrongs by others. We focus on wrongs created by careless conduct, intentional actions, environmental pollution, and insurance claims. We also handle other significant litigation, including cancer and other environmental diseases.

Choosing Your Attorney

Many lawyers talk about how great they are. Bush Lewis lawyers recognize that there are certain objective criteria that are very important in assessing the qualifications of a lawyer:

    • How long has the lawyer been licensed?
    • What (if any) is the lawyer’s national rating from Martindale Hubbell® by judges and lawyers?
    • Has the attorney ever been disciplined by the state bar?
    • Has the lawyer taken care of clients’ business so as to prevent ever having had a legal malpractice judgment or settlement assessed?
    • Does the attorney have professional liability insurance?

You can find this objective information by research on the internet and in public documents. You can ask the lawyer because all lawyers know the answers to these questions about their professional life.

Preeminent Rating

Don Bush, our senior lawyer at Bush Lewis, PLLC, has been AV Preeminent® rated in the Martindale Hubbell Peer Review Ratings™ for over a decade. Martindale Hubbell first listed a reliable lawyer in every American city in 1868 and has been rating all lawyers since 1896. Their ratings attest to what other lawyers and judges say about a lawyer’s ethics and professional ability. An AV rating is their highest possible rating. Bush Lewis, PLLC and its predecessor firms have been continuously received Martindale Hubbell’s highest rating (AV) since 1992.

Super Lawyer (SL)

Bush Lewis - Super Lawyers

Bush Lewis, PLLC lawyers Ken Lewis and Don Bush have both been recognized as Super Lawyers in the area of plaintiff’s personal injury law by, a service of Thomson Reuters.  These Super Lawyer selections specifically include Don Bush  in 2007-2014 and Ken Lewis in 2006-2009 and 2013-2014. For over a decade, the publishers of Super Lawyers have been using a complex system of peer review and professional achievement markers, along with a system of checks and balances and safeguards to end up with an objective list of what it considers the top 5% of lawyers in the state.

None of our lawyers have been disciplined (or even issued a warning or reprimand) for any unethical conduct. No legal negligence settlement has been paid or a judgment entered against any of our lawyers or our firm for legal malpractice. However, we maintain (and have always maintained) legal liability insurance to protect our clients should any of us ever make a mistake that causes injury to a client. We use redundant and sophisticated computer and paper systems with multiple checks and balances to assure we miss no mandatory deadlines in our cases.

Other Important Factors in Choosing a Lawyer

Other important information involves judgment on your part from what you determine in your interactions with the lawyer and the lawyer’s staff:

    • Does the attorney have sufficient staff and resources to handle complicated cases?
    • Is the lawyer on time?
    • Does the attorney answer questions you ask?
    • Is the lawyer realistic about the good and bad in your case?
    • Is the attorney organized?
    • What is the lawyer’s background of experience in handling your type case?
    • How much time does the attorney spend talking about the lawyer instead of your case?
    • Does what the lawyer says seem too good to be true?
    • Are the lawyer and the lawyer’s firm involved in making a difference?

Bush Lewis Lawyers

At Bush Lewis, we believe it is our duty to make a difference in our community, in the legal profession, in the civil justice system and its trial by jury, and, like you, in the life of our families. Bush Lewis lawyers have the combination of commitment, integrity, and experience to make that difference. We work with passion and energy every day to successfully make that difference — both in our clients’ cases and in the other areas.

Success in wrongful death and personal injury cases, in insurance cases, and other serious civil litigation is not always measured in dollars. Perhaps 90% of all cases settle without going to trial, but it is thorough and knowledgeable trial preparation, along with the experience and reputation of being able and willing to try tough cases, that generate fair settlements. Sometimes this means a personal injury, medical malpractice, employment, or business lawyer must have the courage to try hard cases that a corporation or insurance company will not settle, and be willing in the right cases to risk loss to find out what a jury thinks about a case.

Continued success in tough cases requires the ability to handle a case all the way through appeals to the highest court, and the wherewithal to try the case again if the judgment is reversed or ordered to a new trial. Some complex cases may involve three or more trials before any money is ever recovered. This involves commitment by the individuals and the team to do a complete job and stay the course. We expect our clients to be part of our team and do the part requested of us on their cases. This commitment has helped our Beaumont personal injury attorneys and staff to play key roles in major litigation in our area, state, and nation.

Committed to Community Values and Civil Justice by Jury Trial

At Bush Lewis, we think that the most important question a consumer can ask about a lawyer is: Why are you a lawyer? The Bush Lewis commitment to clients and ourselves is to use the American civil justice system and trial by jury to promote responsibility by holding wrongdoers accountable, to use civil litigation as a strong force for positive change, and to allow juries of local citizens to democratically determine safety and community standards without the involvement of big government and its bureaucracy. Only juries of citizens of the community can determine community values and that is ultimately accomplished in the civil trial which is the hallmark of American democracy. This is done through the presentation of evidence to those citizens who sit on the jury in a particular trial. The values of American citizen juries determine American standards.


The Bush Lewis team knows: if no one is accountable, no one is safe. Juries enforce community values by holding rule-breakers accountable. We grow up understanding accountability in our schools, our churches, our teams, our workplace, and on our roads. Juries only fairly determine accountability if a case is competently and fairly presented to them with integrity by experienced and committed trial lawyers. That is what Bush Lewis lawyers do with passion and energy. We think that communities have the wisdom to decide in trial the appropriate standards for both conduct and damages for those who harm others.

Truthful Reality

Not everyone has a case that can be successfully handled or, even if successfully handled, can result in a recovery sufficient to pay expenses, the lawyer’s time, and a net recovery to the client. Our job is to evaluate your case and, when it is not a case we can successfully pursue for you, to let you promptly know the situation so that you can talk to other lawyers who may have a different viewpoint. Contrary to what lobbyists for big business and insurance and some politicians claim, no one gets rich from filing a lawsuit. The law only allows the winner of a lawsuit to recover their losses. Litigation is not some kind of game of chance. It is a serious business of gathering all the facts and presenting those facts in the best way possible so that either the defendant or its insurance company can try to fairly resolve the case before trial or a jury or judge can resolve the case at trial. The huge verdicts sometimes reported in the news media are sometimes correct; sometimes they are erroneous or not the final outcome. When there is a very large recovery it is always because they are very big injuries or damages. Our experience at Bush Lewis is that no one gets something for nothing in litigation because jurors tend to have good, solid community values and do not give verdicts to undeserving parties in lawsuits — even when they do not like the other party in the case. Americans on juries almost always try as hard as possible to be as fair as possible.

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